Coinup officials jailed in South Korea for swindling investors
Kang Seok-Jung led the crime by setting up the allowance system and planning the coin product

The head of cryptocurrency exchange – Coinup has been arrested
for a fraudulent crypto-related scheme that amounted to over USD 386 million,
along with the company’s Vice President and eight executives. A court in South
Korea has sentenced the head of Coinup, Kang Seok-Jung, for 16 years after
convicting him of fraud, whereas, vice president for 11 years along with eight
other officials.

It was reported that Coinup launched a campaign in 2018 and
was shut down by police in February this year. In order to raise the funds, the
executives promised a 200% return on investments to investors if they contributed
to packaged products.

The executives of Coinup created fake images that featured
overseas data centers, English-language based news platform and a fake video.
The company went to the extent to photoshopping and distributing a picture of
Kang standing next to the country’s President Moon Jae on the cover page of a
reputed South Korean magazine.

Coinup officials jailed in South Korea for swindling investors
Kang standing next to South Korea's President Moon Jae C | Image Source: Cryptonews

The company made bold promises and had told its investors in a South Korean convention center (*which accommodated over 5000 attendees) that they would receive a return of 200% on their investments in 4 to 10 weeks.

Source - Cryptonews

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