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18 March 2021


The UK took a step towards controlling terrorism and terror financing and imposed strict restrictions on 6 Syrian regimes including Faisal Mekdad, the new Syrian foreign minister. 


The UK made an extensive sanction list on 355 Syrian individuals and entities but the 6th announcement, this Monday, represents the first use of the autonomous post-Brexit British sanctions regime in Syria. Mekdad, being a close ally of Bashar al-Assad, helps the Syrian rulers with money laundering and terror finance and is on the top watchlist of different foreign countries as well. 


The UK says "it has given £3.2bn as an aid to the Syrian crisis including to the countries holding refugee outside Syria." The UK also provided £300m in the UN donor conference 2020 to support Syria’s upliftment from its rulers and remains one of the chief donor to Syria. 


Source - The Guardian

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